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No. 61 Digital literacy among European youth

Digital Literacy: Index value in age groups

Base: All respondents, weighted
Question: D1
Sources: SIBIS GPS 2002, SIBIS GPS-NAS 2003

Among the European youth, the level of Digital Literacy is double as high as in the total population (measured using the COQS index: EU-15: 1.5 among youth, 0.8 in the whole population, the NAS-10 countries: 0,85 among youth and 0,35 in the whole population). Within the EU-15, states such as Austria, Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands score highest, while Belgium, Spain, France, Greece and Portugal are below the EU-15 average of Digital Literacy among the youth. Estonia and Slovenia are scoring best among the NAS-10 countries, though still below the EU-15 average. Compared to the US, the EU-15 have a score, which is about one third lower and the NAS-10 countries less than half the US level. Only Austria is very close to reach the level of the US.

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